• We take a consulting-based approach to equity investing thereby playing an active hands-on role in managing and growing our partner firms. 

  • We believe in partnerships and not treating our partner firms like  “just another investment”, instead we work with our partner firms to truly build and grow the business thereby ensuring that all stakeholders benefit.  

  • We only partner with a firm after extensive due diligence and methodical assessment to ensure that both parties are committed toward growing and building a great business and that the organizational cultures are aligned.

  • We have a bias towards smaller businesses that show significant growth potential but don’t have the necessary financial, operational and management resources to invest in the business. 

  • We believe in trust and transparency. 




  • We work with business owners and management to structure a partnership aimed at achieving our collective goals and objectives.​

  • We structure all deals in a manner that ensures maximum tax efficiency. 

Start-up mentality:


  • We treat each partnership as if it is a start-up giving it the passion, focus, resources and commitment required to build a great business.


  • We focus on constant improvement and innovation. 



  • We put real skin in the game by investing our own financial resources into the partnership.


  • We acquire a minimum of one-third and a maximum of two-thirds of the common equity in our partnerships.


Risk Management:


  • We are highly disciplined and focused on downside risk management to ensure the longevity of the partnership and success  of the business. 


Long-term focus:


  • We invest for the long term – focus on leadership, investing in human resources and innovation.


  • We are not looking to flip our investments or to “get rich quick” – we believe in building businesses for the long-term thereby making strategic investments in people, resources and technology. 


Succession Planning:


  • We know that eventually all the leaders and key management of our underlying partner firms will want to retire and therefore we actively work with our partner firms on succession planning. 

Value Creation:

We play an active role in our partnership firms. While we believe it is important for the leaders of our partnership firms to maintain operational autonomy, our business model and philosophy is based on the principal of “active partnership” and as such we maintain a high degree of hands-on operational involvement in our partner firms that we believe is crucial to the overall success of the partnership.  

We play an active role as follows:

Management function:

  •  development of budgets and long term strategic plans;
  •  development of key performance indicators and other score-cards to measure the ongoing execution of the strategic plan; 
  •  development and execution of financing strategies including treasury management;
  • conduct at a minimum - monthly financial and operational review meetings to ensure continued progress towards the execution of the strategic plan.


Executive function:

  •  recruiting and development of management talent;
  •  structuring and implementation of incentive compensation schemes and other human resource initiatives;
  •  assist in the negotiation of major commercial agreements, including supplier contracts, service agreements, employment agreements and distribution agreements;
  •  play an active role in significant product pricing and other commercial decisions having a broad strategic implication.


Best practices:

  • assist in the development of best practices as it relates to management, accounting, human resources, client services and technology.


Partner Preference:

While we are open-minded we generally target the following industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Technology

  • Software

  • Financial Services

  • Manufacturing  

Partnership Parameters:

  • Revenue =< $10 million


  • Sustainable revenue growth drivers with revenue growth of 10%+


  • EBITDA >= 500k


  • EBITDA margins of 10%+


  • Business must be scalable

  • Head-office must be based in Winnipeg